The twin rooms Vivaldi and Salieri, who are in the basement of the Palexpo alongside the Auditorium Verdi, are equipped for 150 seats, with the possibility of up to 200 with the addition of chairs. The entrances open onto the foyer of 250 square meters. The halls are equipped with the latest technologies of amplification and reproduction and can be connected with the audio / video adjoining Auditorium Verdi.
Contiguous to Salieri and Vivaldi are two rooms (called A and B) with 20 seats each, equipped with round table for small meetings, small meetings of committees, bureaux, and so on.


  • Places: 150 fixed to the theater (up to 200 with extra chairs)
  • Room size: 8,5×26 m, 221 m, 3.5 m h
  • Dimensions of the stage: 20 sq.m.
  • Speaker’s table: 4.8 m in length with 5 seats
  • Technical equipment: control room, audio-video connection with the Auditorium,
  • Hi-fi, 4 stations interpreters, amplification based on the speaker’s table with microphones