Next Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March, the Veronafiere Congress Centre will host Passion Art Tattoo, the convention for the world of tattoos.

The event promises to become the landmark for admirers and professionals thanks to a programme of workshops for professionals and a calendar of events designed to raise public awareness of the health and hygiene aspects involved in this artistic technique.

On Saturday 4 March at 11.00, the Salieri Meeting Room welcomes “Vendi Cara la Pelle” (Sell Your Skin Dearly). The event sponsored by the Berica–Vicenza no. 8 Local Health Authority will provide information for people approaching this world for the first time, especially young people.

The two days of this event will host numerous appointments for sector operators, including workshops such as “Drawings on the skin – tattoos from design to stencil“, scheduled on Saturday 4 March 14.00-17.00, “The Tattoo Machine“, on Sunday 11.00-13.30 and “Realistic Three-Dimensional Tattoos“, on Sunday 14.30-18.30.

These workshops are on payment and places are limited.

For the occasion, a jury of experts will award the Passion Art Tattoo Award for the best deal tattoo completed during the convention.

There will also be moments of pure entertainment organized by the Vibrissa Academy of Performing Arts.