Lake Garda (or Lake Benacus) is the largest Italian lake and the hinge-pin for three regions: Lombardy to West, Trentino to the North and Veneto to the East. To the South, it is surrounded by the morainic hills left by retreating glaciers while the highest, narrowest part in the North is embraced by high mountain ranges creating the outlines of a protective fjord that ensures a particularly mild Mediterranean climate.

This particular climate, with mild summers and temperate winters, has encouraged the growth of rich vegetation so that even olives and lemons can be cultivated. The intense colour of the water, the mild climate and the grandiose landscapes forming a backdrop to interesting historic and cultural settings throughout the area combine to make Garda the most attractive Italian Lake.

The shores in the Veneto region – more than fifty kilometres entirely in the province of Verona, are also renowned as the Riviera of Olives after the extensive groves found everywhere. Travelling from south to north, we pass through many towns, including: Peschiera, Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Torri del Benaco, Brenzone and Malcesine – small towns that still preserve numerous architectural and artistic treasures.

The winds of Lake Garda are another interesting and unusual feature: almost 40 different breezes blow over the Lake, sometimes gently, at other times with surprising power. Thanks to these varied winds, Lake Garda has become home to sailing and nautical sports attracting thousands of enthusiasts every year.

Peace and quiet, sport and enjoyment, nature and art, tradition and modern comforts come together all year round to meet the holiday desires of numerous tourists and people already well-accustomed to the area. To complete the offering, there are numerous theme parks,  all ensuring enjoyment for visitors of all ages.