/ Gallerie mercatali

Here in Verona,
we share
a treasure for
exclusive events.

Facts and figures.

10.000 sq.m.


Width: 92 m
Length: 95,5 m
Height: 16,5 m



Invitations: 2200 people
Cocktails: 400 people

Breathtaking events

The Gallerie Mercatali – standing at the gates of the City of Verona and only a short distance from the Arena di Verona – is a unique, early post-war industrial archaeology structure.
The two galleries and their parabolic vaults originally used as Verona’s general markets, today are a scenic setting granted exclusively for invitation-only events and shows.


Services available.

Hostesses & Stewards

Fully equipped restaurant

Promotional Communication

Lighting-Audio-Video Service

Catering Area

Dedicated parking


Set-up and installations



Geometries recalling the past.

The two galleries denote and characterize the entire building with their paraboloid arches scanning the internal route and the elevations.

The two volumes are almost identical. They have fifteen spans with parabolic arches in reinforced concrete: the shape of these arches is only visible from the inside.

The upper part of the arch on the north and south elevations is closed by a large glass structure, characterized by a high, horizontal metal beam. Each gallery is 15 metres wide by 105 metres long and 15 metres high for an area of approximately 3,200 m2.


Experience, expertise and technology for the success of your events.

Built 1951-1956, the Gallerie Mercatali are located opposite the Veronafiere Exhibition Centre. They hosted the fruit and vegetable market until the 1990s, before being transferred to the Quadrante Europa district.

The area vacated in 2010 now has a new car park for guests attending events in the Gallerie Mercatali which also serves the Exhibition Centre. The Santa Teresa Park was completed along the eastern side.

In 2015, Veronafiere acquired the entire area from Verona City Council with the aim of redeveloping and valorizing the building and outdoor area, thereby offering Verona a new venue to expand trade fair activities essentially focusing on events.

Conservative restoration work began in 2018 in full respect of requirements for monumental sites. A far-reaching redevelopment and overall safety project for the property involved routine and special works completed in 2020.

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